Install srm (secure rm) on Synology

By Jimmy Bonney | February 10, 2014
Removal sign

By default, Synology NAS drives do not offer any way to securely delete files. It is however possible to install a couple of tools to ensure that your files are securely removed from the drive. The first and easiest option is to install shred but it has some limitations compared to srm.

Install shred

Installing shred can be done simply once ipkg is installed. To do so, install coreutils as follow.

ipkg install coreutils

Once installed, shred is accessible from the command line.

shred -u -z -n 10 file.ext

Install srm

To install srm on Synology NAS, it is necessary to install the necessary compilation tools first. As with shred above, this requires ipkg to be installed.

ipkg install gcc
ipkg install make

Move to tmp folder and download srm source.

cd /volume1/@tmp

Untar file and move to the source folder.

tar -xvjf srm-1.2.12.tar.bz2
cd srm-1.2.12/

Configure, compile and install srm so that it is accessible to all users.

make install

Confirm that it is installed properly.

which srm

which will print /usr/local/bin/srm.

Then, in order to securely delete files, simply use srm in place of rm.

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